International Jewish-Christian Bible Week

For more than fifty years Jews and Christians from Germany, England and the Netherlands, from the USA, Israel and other countries, scholars and interested lay people, have come together at the Jewish-Christian Bible Week to study biblical texts against a background of the two traditions. Until 2003 it took place at the Hedwig Dransfeld Haus, Bendorf on Rhine, and since then in Haus Ohrbeck near Osnabrück.

Bible Week 2023

Psalms 135 to 150: “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.” Ps. 150:6

The coming Bible Week will take place from 23 to 30 July 2023. All who are interested in the Bible and in Jewish-Christian dialogue are warmly invited to participate in this special encounter with texts and people – long-standing participants and new ones alike.

Essentials at a glance

  • Beginning and End of the Conference
    Beginning: Sunday, 23 July 2023 / 5 Av 5783 with dinner at 18:00
    End: Sunday, 30 July 2023 / 12 Av 5783 at 13:00 after lunch

  • Languages are German and English. Translation is available throughout the conference.

  • Families are welcome, and a children’s programme is available (minimum age 3 years).

  • All meals are vegetarian, although fish may be served. Please make special dietary requirements known to us on the application form.

  • Conference fee
    including accommodation, meals and programme

    • Regular: £ 545 / € 625
    • Students up to 28 years: £ 275 / € 315
    • Supplement for single room with private bathroom: £ 90 / € 105
    • Children: £ 120 / € 140

    without accommodation, including meals and programme

    • Regular: £ 405 / € 470
    • Students up to 28 years: £ 205 / € 235

    Members of the “Bendorfer Forum” are entitled to a 10% reduction.

  • Cancellation fee

    • after 7 July 2023: 40%
    • after 14 July 2023: 75%

    Nobody should be unable to participate for financial reasons. Please do not hesitate to contact us in such a case.
    We welcome donations to enable others to attend.

General information, applications, participation and waiting-list

General information
General information is available here for download: Bible Week 2023

Application via on-line form
Please fill in the on-line form

Application by post or fax
Please print the application form out, complete it and send it back:
fax: 0049 / 5401 / 336-66
post: Haus Ohrbeck, Am Boberg 10, 49124 Georgsmarienhuette, Germany

Participation and waiting-list
Interest in the Bible Week is so great that we most probably cannot offer places to all applicants. The Bible Week thrives on the diversity of its participants and therefore we strive to achieve a corresponding range of participants. We recommend that applications should be submitted by the end of April. Confirmations of acceptance and offers of places on the waiting-list are sent out at the beginning of June. If you need to make your travel arrangements earlier, please contact us.

What’s more to learn about the Bible Week

Study Groups

The study groups in the morning address the issues raised by the texts, so that we can learn together. Jewish and Christian resource persons help with the text study, discussion and exchange of experience. All groups engage with the Hebrew text, but each has a different emphasis:

  • Ia In-depth study of the Hebrew text
    The groups work in a very concentrated way with the Hebrew text. They are for people who possess a good level of Hebrew.
  • Ib In-depth study of the Hebrew text – canonical approach
    The groups work in a very concentrated way with the Hebrew text and explore its meaning with special reference to the composition and dramatic development of the book. These groups are for people who possess a good level of Hebrew.
  • II Jewish-Christian Bible study
    The groups study the biblical text from the perspectives of Jewish and Christian traditions. Various translations are used alongside the Hebrew text. Hebrew language skills are not required.
  • III The biblical text and the contemporary world
    The groups study the biblical text with special reference to today’s world. Various translations are used alongside the Hebrew text. Hebrew language skills are not required.

Keynote Lectures

Two lectures offer respectively a Jewish or Christian perspective, while the third may provide insight from literature, art, psychology etc. They will be given in English or German, with a written translation in the other language made available at the time.

Additional Features

The week of study includes a number of additional offerings arranged in smaller or larger groups:

  • Speakers’ Corner: sessions offered by participants on topics broadly related to the Bible or Jewish-Christian dialogue
  • Fringe: creative activities offered “on the fringe”
  • Art stream: a chance for sustained art activity throughout the week
  • concert
  • afternoon excursion to interesting places in the area
  • mutual invitation to attend all services
  • personal encounters and free time


The glossary provides detailed information on issues and terms concerning the Bible Week:

  • Apodosis  
  • Fringe  
  • Keynote Lectures  
  • Speakers’ Corner  
  • Study Groups  
  • Teku
  • Texts in dialogue          
  • Religious Services at the Jewish-Christian Bible Week

    • Psalm Reading
    • Services on the Weekend

  • Other services


Rabbi Prof. Dr Jonathan Magonet  Leo Baeck College London
Dr Uta Zwingenberger  Bibelforum Haus Ohrbeck  

Rabbi James Baaden  London
Dr Annette Boeckler  Bodenheim
Sister M. Sponsalis Flacke FSGM  Papenburg
Erik Koren  Zeist
Revd Dr Kerstin Menzel  Leipzig
Nadine Schäfer M.A.  Bad Ems
Rabbi Mark Solomon  London  

The Bible Week is organised by Haus Ohrbeck and Leo Baeck College London

Support comes from...

The Bible Week is grateful for the continued support of:

Continuing Education Programme

The Bible Week is approved as “Bildungsurlaub” (continuing education programme).

Bible Week 2024 to 2026

  • 2024
    21 to 28 July 2024 / 15 to 22 Tammuz 5784

  • 2025
    3 to 10 August 2025 / 9 to 16 Av 5785

  • 2026
    26 July to 2 August 2026 / 12 to 19 Av 5786