Welcome to Haus Ohrbeck!

Haus Ohrbeck is both an adult educational institution and a conference center run jointly by the Franciscan Order and the diocese of Osnabrück.

Adult Educational Institution
Haus Ohrbeck offers seminars with overnight accommodation, lasting one to several days. The focus is on seminars with spiritual or Christian reference, and on socially relevant topics. Around 12,000 people come to Haus Ohrbeck every year and live and work in the house. For the duration of their stay, guests are invited to consider Haus Ohrbeck their home.

Internationally, Haus Ohrbeck ist known for its annual Jewish-Christian Bible Week with participants from all over Europe, Israel, and the US. In 2023, the Bible Week has been awarded the Promotion Award from the private German foundation Omnis Religio.

Conference Center
Haus Ohrbeck is open to external groups for their own events: Meeting for twenty. Lecture for fifty. Panel discussion for ninety. Convention for one hundred and forty. What we can't do? We are stumped... Secluded but easily accessible, Haus Ohrbeck offers 10 conference rooms for 5 to 140 people and overnight accommodation for events lasting several days.

What's alike for all our guests
On entering Haus Ohrbeck, guests can clear their mind – we take care of everything. Our in-house kitchen prepares meals every day from fresh seasonal and regional products. And who feels like some fresh air: Haus Ohrbeck is surrounded by greenery.

Experience Haus Ohrbeck – you are most welcome!
Contact us by E-Mail: info[@]haus-ohrbeck.de

A glimpse from above: Enjoy a flight over Haus Ohrbeck!

Time travel: A bit of history

Haus Ohrbeck was built in 1926 as a retreat house for the Franciscan Order.

In 1941 the house had to be closed due to its confiscation and the expulsion of the Franciscan brothers. From 1942, during the Second World War, the Wehrmacht used the building as a military hospital. Sick civilians were also evacuated here. From 1945, the city of Osnabrück was the sole tenant of the house and had tuberculosis patients treated. It was not until October 1954 that the retreat house was able to resume operations.

A good twenty years later, in the early 1970s, changed living conditions and newly emerging forms of education led to the decision to convert the retreat house into the adult education center "Haus Ohrbeck". After a major renovation, Haus Ohrbeck was opened on September 24, 1971 as a recognized adult education center for the state of Lower Saxony. Then as now, the educational center is run jointly by the Franciscan Order and the diocese of Osnabrück.

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